Defund the Police? Instead, an East County Church Feeds the Police

In contrast to recent attacks on law enforcement in the wake of racial tension, which included calls for defunding and abolishing the police, members of Foothills Christian Church in El Cajon responded by recently providing a free lunch and dinner as an expression of appreciation to the El Cajon Police Department.

The church covered the cost for a local East County caterer to prepare 120 boxed meals, including 30 meals of chicken parmesan with penne pasta and steamed zucchini plus 30 meals of roasted tri tip. On a recent Tuesday, 60 meals were delivered to El Cajon police headquarters at 1 p.m. followed by another 60 meals dropped off at 6 p.m. The event was featured on several local TV newscasts.

“The police have had to put in a lot of overtime lately,” said Dave Hoffman, senior pastor, Foothills Christian Church. “We simply want to say thank you for their willingness to serve and protect.”