How Instant Pot Cooking Made Life Better!

A few years ago, I kept reading about this new and improved pressure cooker- the Instant Pot. I was intrigued but slightly intimidated.

Ever since one of my teachers in grade school told us a cautionary tale about her mishap with an old school pressure cooker, (it blew up) I was determined to steer clear of this kitchen device!

But the recipes I kept finding were all Instant Pot based. Hmm. Then I discovered Michelle Tam of Nom Nom Paleo, and she finally convinced me that I needed an Instant Pot in my life.

So I took the plunge and bought one! Very few retailers were carrying the Instant Pot at the time, but I learned that Kohl’s carried them. Well, I waited patiently for my 30% coupon and marched down to Kohl’s and purchased it. Then I got Kohl’s cash to boot. Win-Win!

This miracle device sat in the kitchen for a week or two until I mustered up the courage to actually open the box and read the instructions. I still had some misgivings, so I did what everyone does now- I went to YouTube and looked up Michelle’s video tutorial on how to use the Instant Pot. I watched it over and over to make sure I wasn’t missing a critical step.

Having the confidence to take the first step, I went back to the Instant Pot instructions and started with the boiling water step. Sounds silly, but it gave me the courage to take the next step.

Following the instructions to the letter is absolutely critical, and now when I search for Instant Pot recipes, every author is VERY clear on the details, the most important being the final step on the pressure release.

Now I feel very comfortable using the Instant Pot and have made some fabulous meals in it for us. It really is the countertop appliance I can’t live without!