I started hearing about this thing called “Bulletproof coffee” I was intrigued. Butter in your coffee?? What?!

My first attempt was awful! With just butter and no sweetener, I was underwhelmed. Once I found  the Wheat Belly Facebook page where health coach April Duval detailed HER version of Bulletproof coffee, I gave it another shot. And I’m glad I did!

Several years ago I discovered New Mexico Pinon coffee, which is available on Amazon and our coffee of choice. Find it here:

Add your mug of freshly brewed coffee into your blender of choice (we use the magic bullet), and blend all of this goodness into a very filling, very satisfying beverage.

Since it’s loaded with good fat (MCT oil and butter/coconut butter), it keeps you full longer, which I appreciate!

This is how we start our day and we’re ready to conquer the world!

Karen Cook
Karen Cook

Hi, my name is Karen Cook, and I’ve been an Interior Designer for over 20 years. I have experience in commercial design ( Steelcase 9000 anyone?!) and residential design.
While I love many different eras, I am most passionate about mid century modern. So let’s indulge our mutual love of all things mid-century!