East County Careers | Military Career Day at Cuyamaca College Helps Veterans Connect With Water/Wastewater Careers

June 17, 2024 – Our town took a magical trip down memory lane today. The Model T Ford Club of America rolled into town for their 2024 National Tour. 

Dozens of these magnificent Model T’s lined our streets. It felt like stepping back in time.

The visitors took a stroll through our town’s rich history, from the old Lakeside Inn, the Auto Speedway route, made famous by racing legend Barney Oldfield, to our charming historic buildings and homes.

The Lakeside Historical Society opened their doors, welcoming everyone to explore the chapel, museum, Gift Shop, and the Speedway monument. It was a little slice of the past brought back to life.

Their visit was short, but the memories will last a lifetime. A huge thank you to the Model T Ford Club of America for stopping by and making the day in our hometown so special.

Military Career Day at Cuyamaca College – August 11, 2022

Cuyamaca College and the Center for Water Studies held their first Military Career Day event to help connect veterans transitioning out of the military with water agency employment recruiters. The water/wastewater industry in San Diego is in need of qualified men and women to fill the gap created by the current employees who are retiring.

The water/wastewater industry offers military veterans great careers with lucrative pay and benefits packages. Water agencies are actively recruiting veterans because their experience, skills and leadership abilities make them the perfect candidates for the many available positions.

Cuyamaca College’s Center for Water Studies provides the training and certification preparation needed to get started in a rewarding career in the water/wastewater industry.

From the video

Don Jones – Campaign Coordinator, Warriors2Waterworks, Cuyamaca College

One problem veterans have when they’re leaving the military is how to connect the incredible skills and experience that they have to careers in the civilian world. That’s why we’re holding the first Warriors to Waterworks Military Career Day here at Cuyamaca College.

Dr. Jessica Robinson, MSW – President, Cuyamaca College (Interim)

As I’m so proud, so excited to be able to serve and work with our veteran community. At Cuyamaca college, we support our veterans and we serve as the pipeline for new jobs, for careers, and for support for our veterans.

Don Jones

The reason we’re holding this event is to showcase the wonderful career opportunities there are in the water and wastewater field that directly relate to the military skills and experience that our transitioning military have.

Jose Martinez – General Manager, Otay Water District

Don’t just try to solve your technical abilities. We really do also want to hear about your experiences in leadership.

Mark Balmert – President & CEO, San Diego Military Advisory Council – Rear Admiral, USN (ret.)

There is an ability for people to be able to immediately walk out the door and into a really great paying job, great benefits and a great career.

Don Jones

We’ve brought together a collection of water district from throughout Southern California to make sure that they’re aware of the skills that are coming in from the military and also so the military who are transitioning out, understand what career opportunities there are in this industry.

Maurice D. Williams – President/Executive Director, National Veterans Transition Services, Inc. (aka Reboot) – MCPO, USN (ret.)

A veteran is ideally suited for this type of work because of the attention to detail, the teamwork, the ability to work independently, but also that high quality factor and that pride in work.

Don Jones

So if you’re looking for a rewarding career where your skills, experience and commitment to service are honored and appreciated, consider a career in the water and wastewater industry.

Dr. Robinson

Please join us at Cuyamaca College so we can help you transform your future.