PSAR realtors group announces 2021 board of directors

Ditas Yamane

The Pacific Southwest Association of Realtors (PSAR), one of the largest real estate trade groups for San Diego-area realtors with an office in El Cajon, has announced its 2021 board of directors following recent voting by PSAR members.

Ditas Yamane will serve as 2021 PSAR board president, succeeding Robert Cromer, who is currently serving as 2020 board president. Max Zaker and Sam Calvano will serve in 20201 as president-elect and secretary-treasurer, respectively.

Directors serving on the 2021 PSAR board will include Peter Mendiola, Jason Lopez, Yvonne Cromer, Mike White and Laurie MacDonald, along with the recently elected Mike Anderson, Merrie Espina, Rafael Perez, Amy Ruiz, Amber Tannehill and Andrea Martino as the affiliate director. Anderson, Espina, Perez, Ruiz, Tannehill and Martino were recently elected for two-year terms (2021-2022).

Founded in 1928, PSAR has played a significant role in shaping the history, growth and development of San Diego County. Today, the Association empowers its 3,500 members to flourish with California Regional MLS services, educational training classes, advocacy and resources for realtors, including lock boxes and signage. PSAR operates service centers in Chula Vista, El Cajon and Clairemont. For information, visit