Thanksgiving is just days away, and nothing says Thanksgiving to me like PUMPKIN PIE!

Since going grain-free, searching for compliant recipes has been my full-time hobby! My first go-to was a crust made out of crushed pecans. Not bad!

But then I found Carolyn Ketchum’s pie crust recipe. IT IS DELICIOUS! She has a sweet version (for pie) and a savory version (for quiche). I have made both, and they are fabulous.

Now I had to search for something yummy to put IN the crust! Well, Carolyn delivered AGAIN with the pumpkin cream pie recipe. To make it even easier, it is a no-bake “icebox” pie. OMG. It hit all my requirements for a pumpkin pie: pumpkiney, creamy, delicious, and totally compliant.

This is a must for our Thanksgiving table this year!

Karen Cook
Karen Cook

Hi, my name is Karen Cook, and I’ve been an Interior Designer for over 20 years. I have experience in commercial design ( Steelcase 9000 anyone?!) and residential design.
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