Why blog about Healthy Living as we Age?

We have found a nutritional way of eating that works for us. And we have tried everything!
We use bio-identical hormone replacement to keep our hormone levels up (for women AND men, loss of hormones can be devastating!)
Exercise is another important component, unfortunately, I have aggravated my hip and need to take a few weeks off.

I am not a Doctor, nutritionist, kinesiologist, or health “expert” of any kind. What I am is curious.
I like to read what the “real” doctors and nutritionists have to say about food and how it either helps us or hurts us.

I found the Wheat Belly way of eating (WOE) in mid-2017 when my friend Jessica from Elementary school posted a picture of her amazing before and after. She suffered from various maladies, her vertigo was the deal-breaker. She could barely function and had to quit working, that is how bad her health was. And she was only in her 40’s! Through this amazing way of eating, her vertigo went away, and so did her many other ailments. The cherry on the sundae was that she lost close to 100 pounds!

Well, when I saw that post on Facebook, I reached out to her immediately, then I ordered the Wheat Belly cookbook.

As I did with Atkins, I had to read the book first to figure out WHY this worked. So what I learned from the Wheat Belly book is that long before there was the GMO concern/debate, Scientists genetically modified wheat. It needed to be drought resistant, pest resistant, and produce a bigger yield. So “Frankenwheat” was born. Now add a generous soaking of glyphosate (RoundUp) and we’ve got some serious issues here.

Like the late Dr. Atkins, Dr. William Davis is a cardiologist. He quickly noticed that when he modified his patient’s diet to full fats, plenty of red meat, butter and fresh veggies and took away wheat, processed foods and sugar, amazing things happened. Not only did their type 2 diabetes disappear, their joints quit aching, their acid reflux went away, constipation was a non-issue, their skin cleared up and THEY LOST WEIGHT. Lots of weight.

He continued to research and dig deeper, and came to the conclusion that grains are at the root of the problem. Yes, corn, rye, spelt, amaranth, you name it, it has to go.

After a couple of weeks on this WOE, we noticed that our clothes were fitting a lot looser, even though the scale didn’t budge (at least for me).
Then….whoosh. The weight came off, the scale was showing a more agreeable number, and we felt terrific. No more brain fog, no upset tummies, no constipation. Yay!

Have we ever fallen off the wagon? Yes. But we get right back on and don’t look back!