Grossmont Healthcare District salutes oversight volunteers


From left to right: (front row) Ernest Ewin, Robert Klaiber, George Hawkins (holding plaque), Dr. Michael Peddecord, Charles Fouquette; (back row) GHD board members Bob Ayres, Gloria Chadwick, Dr. Michael Long, Betty Stieringer, Michael Emerson.

by Rick Griffin

The Grossmont Healthcare District (GHD) board of directors recently saluted former members of the volunteer citizens group who are overseeing taxpayer bond-financed construction project expenses financed by voter-approved public bonds at Grossmont Hospital in La Mesa. The group, called the Independent Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee (ICBOC), is monitoring the District’s expenditures of $247 million in general obligation bonds that East County voters approved in 2006. GHD serves as landlord of the hospital, including ownership of the property and buildings on behalf of local taxpayers. Ewin, Hawkins and Peddecord are former ICBOC members, having served two-year terms. Klaiber and Fouquette are current ICBOC members.