New robotic surgery equipment in use at Grossmont Hospital

Sharp Grossmont Hospital in La Mesa has announced the installation of the da Vinci Si system, described as the most advanced robotic surgery technology. The new system, replacing the original robot Sharp acquired in June 2008, will enhance the operating experience for surgeons as well as improve patient outcomes, the hospital said.
The Si has new features, including enhanced high-definition 3-D vision and new instrumentation for superior clinical capability and streamlined design for ease of use that benefits the entire operating room team. Robotic surgery provides physicians with an alternate to both traditional open surgery and conventional laparoscopy while providing patients with an effective, less-invasive surgical treatment option. Besides smaller incisions, other benefits of robotic-assisted surgery include faster recover, less pain, less scarring, lower risk of infection and a shorter hospital stay. The purchase of the new Si model was made possible with the generous support of the Grossmont Hospital Foundation.
The hospital said its surgeons are using the new robotic system in urology procedures including prostate, kidney and bladder surgeries, as well as gynecologic procedures including uterine, ovarian and tubal surgeries. Since robotic surgery debuted in 2008, more than 850 patients have been treated on the daVinci robot.