So you won the lottery? Not so fast, warns Better Business Bureau

The San Diego Better Business Bureau (BBB) is advising East County residents about a lottery scam that convinces victims to pay up-front money via a wire transfer for such costs as taxes and fees before promises of receiving millions of dollars in winnings. The BBB also said some victims in other U.S. cities have even heard the thieves claim they’re employed by the BBB.
The BBB is reminding consumers that the non-profit BBB organization does not operate a lottery nor does it award prizes to consumers. Anyone who receives a call, letter or e-mail about winning the lottery should confirm the details with state lottery officials and don’t rely on phone numbers or web links provided by the stranger on the phone.
The BBB also recommends to never pay money to get money, and don’t fall for the phony check scheme. Scammers have been known to send a check in the mail with the instructions to deposit the check and wire back a portion of the funds to cover fees or taxes before receiving the full prize. The check may clear initially, but later it’s discovered as a fake and the victim may lose any funds that have been sent to the con-man. For more consumer protection tips, visit