PSAR realtors trade group helping those in need

June 17, 2024 – Our town took a magical trip down memory lane today. The Model T Ford Club of America rolled into town for their 2024 National Tour. 

Dozens of these magnificent Model T’s lined our streets. It felt like stepping back in time.

The visitors took a stroll through our town’s rich history, from the old Lakeside Inn, the Auto Speedway route, made famous by racing legend Barney Oldfield, to our charming historic buildings and homes.

The Lakeside Historical Society opened their doors, welcoming everyone to explore the chapel, museum, Gift Shop, and the Speedway monument. It was a little slice of the past brought back to life.

Their visit was short, but the memories will last a lifetime. A huge thank you to the Model T Ford Club of America for stopping by and making the day in our hometown so special.

The Pacific Southwest Association of Realtors (PSAR), a real estate trade group for San Diego-area realtors with an office in El Cajon, recently awarded $13,500 to four local nonprofits. The monies represented proceeds from two PSAR fundraising events held in 2019.

Three nonprofits, including South Bay Community Services, Unity 4 Orphans and Meals on Wheels, each received $3,500 from proceeds generated at the PSAR 2019 Realtor Games, held in June. The fourth nonprofit, San Ysidro Health Center, received $3,000 as a result of fundraising at the PSAR 2019 Zombie Run-Walk held in October.

“PSAR is very proud to support these nonprofits and the extraordinary service they provide to our local communities,” said Laurie MacDonald, 2020 Charity Committee chair. “Realtors care greatly about supporting our local communities. We are active volunteers who play an important role in improving neighborhoods to the benefit of homeowners who want to share in the American dream and have a better place to live, work and raise their families.”

PSAR’s third annual PSAR Realtor Games, held at Scobee Park in Chula Vista, featured more than 200 participants on teams who competed in mental and physical challenges. The competitions included agility activities, such as sack race, free-throw contest, balloon catch and cornhole, as well as mental challenges, including spelling bee, board puzzle and “Realtor Feud,” a game resembling TV’s “Family Feud.” Another competition consisted of “Jenga,” a game of skill featuring players taking turns removing one wooden block at a time from a tower constructed of several dozen blocks.

PSAR’s fifth annual Zombie 5k Run-Walk, held at Rohr Park in Bonita, featured participants dressed in their best zombie attire, including Halloween costumes. In addition to the 5k, activities included a contest was held for best-dressed pet and child. Additional activities included face painting, a jumpy inflatable, food, trick-or-treat booths and a raffle with prizes.

The two PSAR events were organized by members of PSAR’s Charity Committee. Founded in 1928, PSAR provides its 3,100 members with MLS access and training, advocacy, networking, arbitration, mediation, educational classes, tech support and resources, including lock boxes and signage. Offices are located in Chula Vista, El Cajon and San Diego’s Clairemont community. For more information, visit