Realtors will be honored by La Mesa City Council

by Rick Griffin

The Pacific Southwest Association of Realtors (PSAR), a San Diego-area trade group for realtors, will be presented with a commendation from the La Mesa City Council at a council meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 10. The realtors will be recognized for completing a home makeover beautification project for a disabled and unemployed La Mesa homeowner down on his luck. Representing PSAR at the La Mesa City Council meeting will be Jeff Campbell, 2013 PSAR president, and Carey Guthrie, chair of Helping Hands 4 Homes, a committee of PSAR members who assist less-fortunate homeowners facing hardships and in need of new hope.
Earlier this year, a small army of more than 100 PSAR members and supporters, including contractors and other building trade specialists, volunteered their labor over several weekends at a home on Troy Lane. The home had been previously cited by city officials for zoning code violations, said Campbell. The improvements to the home included a new roof, landscape renovation and general clean-up. Donated construction materials included plywood, roofing, paint and plants, according to Guthrie.