Mentorship and Collaboration with the San Diego County District Attorney Team

June 17, 2024 – Our town took a magical trip down memory lane today. The Model T Ford Club of America rolled into town for their 2024 National Tour. 

Dozens of these magnificent Model T’s lined our streets. It felt like stepping back in time.

The visitors took a stroll through our town’s rich history, from the old Lakeside Inn, the Auto Speedway route, made famous by racing legend Barney Oldfield, to our charming historic buildings and homes.

The Lakeside Historical Society opened their doors, welcoming everyone to explore the chapel, museum, Gift Shop, and the Speedway monument. It was a little slice of the past brought back to life.

Their visit was short, but the memories will last a lifetime. A huge thank you to the Model T Ford Club of America for stopping by and making the day in our hometown so special.

At Bancroft Elementary School, students and families are joining in a partnership with the San Diego County District Attorney’s office. The program will provide positive mentors, tutoring and community events. Camden Flores, a 2018 San Diego County Teacher of the Year, who has taught in the La Mesa-Spring Valley Schools for over 20 years, shared her personal story that included how powerful mentors helped her to achieve her dreams. It is the hope of Ms. Flores that all children will have positive and caring mentors who can help encourage, guide and support them. Hearing Ms. Flores’ story, San Diego County District Attorney Summer Stephan was immediately interested in how her team could be involved in mentorship opportunities and outreach with families at Bancroft Elementary School.

Last Friday, the San Diego County District Attorney’s team came out to“Power League Family Night” at Bancroft Elementary School. DA Stephan shared with families about her beliefs around the power of building strong, connected and healthy community partnerships. Ms.Flores also addressed students and families about the upcoming partnership with the DA that would involve tutoring, family events and mentorship opportunities. Bancroft Principal Kim Libenguth was engaged with families and the DA’s office, as she welcomed all to the school for this opportunity. Family Night included dinner and games involving the whole family, as well as a meet and greet with the team from the DA’s office. In October, students from Bancroft Elementary will
be paired with mentors and will begin operating “Power League” after school on Fridays. Mentors from the DA’s office and community will work with children on academic and social skills. Principal Libenguth, Ms. Flores, and the entire Bancroft team are excited about the positive partnerships being formed with community and the DA’s office. The San Diego County District Attorney’s office hopes to expand the program to additional elementary schools in the San Diego area.

To learn more about this program and others in La Mesa-Spring Valley Schools, visit our website at or visit us online on Twitter , Facebook , Instagram and YouTube.